Natus Group

Natus Group is a leading provider of educational and healthcare services and boasts of several hospitals and institutes.

Natus International School

The term ‘natus’ means born and at Natus International School, the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow are born. Yes, our world-class school operates with the sole aim of turning your young ones into extraordinary human beings, who are successful in every area of life – professional and personal. We have a highly skilled team that offers quality education to the bright, young minds of today. Our teachers also don the hat of mentors and guides and lead your children on the path of success.

Natus Women and Children’s Hospital, Sarjapur Road

The Natus Group also boasts of a state-of-the-art hospital that uses cutting-edge technology to bring the finest healthcare to society. Our team has decades of experience and caters to all your medical needs with the use of top-notch technology and infrastructure. With quality care and global standards, we aim to become a pioneer in healthcare services and the most preferred choice for medical treatment.

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Natus Women and Children’s Hospital, Mysore Road

World-class facilities, friendly doctors, caring staff and cutting-edge technology – these are some of the important features of Natus Women and Children’s Hospital. Offering an impressive portfolio of services in the departments of gynaecology and paediatrics, Natus makes sure that the most precious moment of a woman’s life, childbirth, is memorable and hassle-free.
With our care and support, the mother and child are surely in safe hands.

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