Natus International School follows an integrated CBSE syllabus, which includes a micro-schedule that defines preparation on an hour-to-hour basis. This is not only distinct but also makes learning fun and effective for the students.

The teaching methodologies of the school provide the finest foundation and support to the students, thereby allowing them to excel in Olympiads and other competitive exams.

Preparatory school admission

The age criteria for our prep school is as follows –  

  • Nursery – 2 years, 5 months before June 1
  • LKG – 3 years, 5 months before June 1
  • UKG – 4 years, 5 months before June 1

Admission will be given based on the faculty’s interaction with the child and the parents.

Primary, middle school admissions

Students seeking admissions at the primary, middle and high school levels need to clear the entrance tests in English and Mathematics, which will be based on the previous syllabus.

High School admission

The High School curriculum of Natus is academically-oriented and tailored to suit every child’s professional needs. In addition to compulsory subjects, students can choose from a range of extra-curricular activities and optional subjects as per their needs and interests.

Offering the bright young minds of today a balanced perspective on core subjects, the teachers also play the roles of mentors and help them develop their communication skills and problem-solving abilities thereby preparing them for the University as well as the workplace. We also empower our students with the right skills and knowledge to help them grow into responsible, sensible and successful human beings.

*Transfer Certificate a must for primary and middle school applicants coming from different schools.

Documents required

  1. Aadhaar card of the child (if available)
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Progress report of last three years
  4. Transfer Certificate (if required)
  5. Vaccination certificates of parents


Process for registration

  1. Collect application form.
  2. Affix the required photographs.
  3. Submit duly filled
  4. Drop the form along with relevant documents at the office.
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