Life at Natus

What makes Natus distinct?

  • Excellence in academics 
  • All-round development of children
  • Individual attention on each child 
  • Skilled, experienced and dedicated teachers
  • Integrated curriculum 
  • Wide range and depth of community service programmes
  • Outstanding academic, sports and co-curricular achievements
  • High-quality student leadership opportunities including exposure to leaders, innovators

Teaching and Learning

Our curriculum incorporates a variety of interesting teaching and learning approaches that push students to succeed. It focuses on instilling in them the information and skills necessary for 21st-century success.

To make learning more engaging and successful, our teachers use flipped classrooms, project-based learning, brainstorming, role play, interactive lab experiments, and self and peer evaluation.

Our educational programmes assist students in:

  • Gaining confidence in working with information and ideas – their own and others’ 
  • Accepting responsibility for themselves and their actions while remaining respectful of others
  • Becoming reflective learners and identifying their ongoing learning requirements 
  • To be imaginative, resourceful, and well-prepared for future possibilities and difficulties 
  • To develop as responsible individuals who enjoy a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle 
  • To be engaged citizens, contribute to the community, and address global challenges
  • To empathise with others and understand and appreciate diversity 
  • To develop as responsible individuals who enjoy a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle

Student Well Being

Students are often bogged down by academic pressures and other challenges and are unable to put their best efforts into education and extra-curricular activities. The ability to cope with any challenge in life largely depends on a youngster’s mental health and overall well-being. This is where schools play a crucial role. 

We, at Natus, understand the importance of the all-round development of a child and therefore, provide a safe and secure environment for a child to develop and flourish. Our team of skilled professionals constantly interact with students and parents to cater to each child’s demands and ensure that all students get the best support and care even beyond school. 

Our holistic approach to education with a special focus on life skills helps students not only prosper in school but also life. 

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